Bra Fitting Guide

Your bra is the foundation of your wardrobe. A well-fitted bra elongates your silhouette, creates a smooth base for your clothing, and gives a feeling of confidence.  It’s important to pay attention to fit as your breast size can change many times over your life. In fact, 8 out of 10 of our clients do not wear the correct bra size. Here are our suggestions to finding the perfect fit.  Start with measuring for FIT, access the FEEL and look to FIX common problems.

This is a great place to start, but we are always here to assist you over the phone, in person in the studio, or over email or text with pictures and suggestions. Just call us! 877-343-8401.

FIT: Bras are sized by Band and Cup. 

The easiest way to find your starting band and cup size is with a tape measure over one of your everyday bras, avoiding wireless. The band measurement is taken around your rib cage and the cup measurement is taken at the apex of your breast.

It is not unusual to find that you are a different size than you have been buying!

FEEL: How does it feel?

Band - The band should sit snugly against your body, sit lower on your back, and be parallel to the floor. You should be able to fit two fingers under the band at the back and not more. Where you fasten depends on personal preference. We recommend the middle hook, but many European and fashion brands are designed so that they are most beautiful when no hooks are showing at all. This is a personal preference but one to consider when starting to build your wardrobe.

Cup- The cup should sit smoothly across your breast. Edges should lie flat. All of the breast tissue should fit into the cup and be well supported from the sides. The underwire should encircle your breast. This includes the side breast.

Straps - Straps can be adjusted so that they do not slip down or dig into your skin. They should fit firmly but comfortably leaving no red marks.

Center Panel - The support between the two cups should lie absolutely flat against your breastbone. 

T-shirt Test - When looking straight on, your breasts should have a nice shape with the apex of your breast half way between your shoulder and your elbows. Breasts should be sitting forward and not point out to the sides or sag.

FIX: Are you seeing any of these problems?

Band - If your band is riding up in the back, then try a smaller band and if it is riding down in the back, it is probably too small.

Cup - If the under wires are lifting away from your rib cage or any breast tissue is showing under the wires, then the band is probably too big. If you have breast tissue bulging at the sides then the underwire is probably too tight and you should try the next size up. If your breasts aren’t filling the cups then you need a smaller cup size.

Straps - Straps are designed to offer only 20% of the support with the majority coming from the band.  If your straps are digging into your skin then you are depending too much on them and should adjust the band.  If they are falling down, then you should go down a band size.

Center Panel - If the center panel is pulling away from your body then most likely your cups are too small and you should try a larger size.

T-shirt Test - If your breasts are sitting lower than they should then your band and cup are probably too big. If you have lumps above the breast then your cup size is probably too small.

Different Size Breasts - It is normal for many women to have different sized breasts. We recommend fitting for the larger beast. We can always assist with alterations or add a gel insert to help with fit.