The Chantelle Set that sparked a Revolution

Many of you are probably familiar with Chantelle and their t-shirt bras, but most have not seen or tried their gorgeous fashion pieces.  A few years ago, I purchased the above set in black with blue accents. It's time for a new one, but it's been hard to part ways.  It's more than the exquisite details like the perfect straps and embroidery over stretch lace....or the way the accent colors look like tattoo on the back of the bra and bottoms. We have a history together.  A moment in time when I  felt the first rumblings of an inner revolution. 

I was visiting boutiques with a french lingerie blogger that I had written before arriving. She was lovely and after seeing all the famous spots, we decided to check out a new couture boutique that was appointment only on Rue Royal.  She had never been either and we both sort of giggled at the 13 foot wooden doors and fountained court yard while we waited to be received.  Lingerie here was custom made and very exclusive.  We were met by a very efficient, pencil skirt wearing, impeccable French woman.  

The saleswoman was very discriminating about what colors best matched my skin, what style was most flattering, etc.  She was very proud of her brand's details and finishings, very persuasive that this brand was the best.  Once we were through, I was changing back into my own Chantelle set and she stepped back into the room.  She asked in French what brand I was wearing and complimented the set to my friend. When I said Chantelle she looked surprised and perhaps a little....impressed? 

I felt savvy, grown up... but most importantly "good enough" by my own choice in lingerie. Not an easy emotion when you are standing in your underwear next to a gorgeous French woman.  After goodbyes I walked back to my hotel across the Tuileries and I knew that something had just sparked tremendous change in me.  I felt confident and beautiful and I wanted all my friends to feel the same.  

The strap of this bra has been seen by many of those friends and emulated. We have laughed that it's a revolution...to revolt against hiding and know that we are more than enough...

Check out this show stopper now at Fifth House in Black and Verde (above) coming soon.

Road Trip

I’ve been quiet with this blog. Even though I have written some poems and shorts stories, I just don’t see myself as a good writer. I want to be a writer. I dream of publishing a book I’ve been working on. But I get shy and discouraged. It never seems good enough.

With Fifth House a blog sounded fun. I have lots to say about growing up, liking yourself, becoming who you want to be. There are less “rules” with blogs. I could write in the manner of my emails, where I crack my friends up with my neurotic vulnerability. But once I knew people were watching…I couldn’t write. I would write posts and then make excuses that I didn’t have the right photo or they were not good enough. I started procrastinating. I started hating the blog.

A friend once told me that I get very excited about going to the beach. (I do love the beach!) She said,  "You jump in the car, drive for about four hours and then look around at rural Missouri and scream, “This isn’t the beach!”  Then you are frustrated, turn the car right back around and head home".

I didn’t understand what she was saying at the time, but now I do. We can’t get where we want to be if we aren’t willing to enjoy the scenery on the way there. Let's face it...sometimes it's ugly...but sometimes it's not.

This little blog is not the same as writing my book abroad in Parisian parks or above my favorite Roman piazza, but it’s a start.

Fasten your garter belts girls because we are backing out of the driveway.