After a long “sabbatical", I’m so excited to open Fifth House up for a blow out sale this February.   More exciting for me, though, is the opportunity to reconnect with you. I have really missed hearing about your lives and seeing you leave happy and feeling good about your purchases. The conversations were important to me and I’m looking forward to building off what I’ve learned while on pause.

I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on all the passion that went into starting Fifth House.  Even the logo had so much meaning for me.  The v. symbolized verb or action.  The Fifth House being our creativity and a romance with our own dreams.  Mark helped with integrating it into words like Love and Believe. The blue was the color of Maeve’s eyes.  I wanted to build community.  I wanted to take down the shame around our sexuality. I wanted to show us how beautiful and valuable we are- to challenge the labels.

There were real reasons why I needed to pause Fifth House, but once those past, I just got scared.  I got caught up in the outcome of this journey, instead of taking my own advice to live in the conversations.  There really isn’t room for empowerment and freedom when fear takes root.  BUT, I think each time we challenge fear and try again, we get closer to holding our most precious successes like family and work in one hand, while holding ourselves up just as high in the other.  Growing isn’t a straight line. 

So I hope you will come see me in February. I’m working on a new Fifth House model, and I’d love to hear from you. What do you miss about Fifth House or what you would be interested in learning? You can comment below or email me at info@shopfifthhouse.com.

You can also follow me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kathyinfifthhouse/ to see previews of what’s to come, get information about a partner non- profit as part of the sale, and some of my favorite new pieces. I will also be sending this newsletter once a week leading up to the sale.

Thank you friends for the notes and calls and encouragement while quiet.  It meant a lot to me that you believe in me! xo