Guide to Fall Selections

I took a fabulous trip to Italy this summer which really reinforced many of the themes we talk about at Fifth House. The Italian's passion for quality over quantity, their commitment to style and self, and their refusal to feel guilty about lingering and savoring the good things in life is really a lesson in how to live.

Beauty is self expression and no one demonstrates this better than the Italian woman. She knows her style, what colors work with her complexion and how she wants to feel in her clothes. Great care and planning go into a look that is meant to seem effortless. It's not vanity, but self esteem and more time for living that motivates her to plan.

We want you to feel confident as you build your lingerie collections as well. Our offerings this fall reflect the trends in fashion as well as our guiding philosophy of quality everyday basics.

This picture from our visit to Positano gives a peek at the hues that should make up your fall lingerie drawer. Basics should consist of gorgeous tonal pieces like shades of coral, ivory, champagne or pinks mixed with shades of greys, black and heathered blues. Emphasis should be on quality pieces that are replaced from one season to the next. For fun and color bring in pops of fuscia and plum lace or emerald silk. For special evenings have on hand black lace with hints of sparkling blue or shimmery rose gold. Luxury loungewear and soft pajamas ensure stylish relaxation and round out your collection.