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Profile: Fortnight

I am excited to introduce Fortnight Lingerie to Fifth House clients.  I had a chance to meet Founder and Creative Director, Christina Remenyi at market last summer. It was evident that her passion is a commitment to provide choices in lingerie. As she personally took me through the collection, we discussed the lack of information getting to the consumer and how empowering it is to understand what you are buying, why it's special and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe.  

None of the current collection has underwires, but because Fortnight bras are made using over 20 separate parts assembled in 30 different steps, they deliver incredible support while being unbelievably comfortable.  This level of detail, along with their use of high quality material creates a custom-made feeling.  We have a DD client who was ecstatic when she looked amazing in the Mira slip without the use of another bra. This is because the majority of support comes from the bands creating lift and flattering the body.  Outside of support, most fabrics have a slight stretch which smooths and flatters as well.  

Why try Fortnight? Because they are committed to quality as each and every piece is hand made in their Toronto studio in controlled batches.  But more importantly, you will look and feel amazing in their products.   Fortnight is fashion lingerie that is sexy in it's beauty, simplicity and quality.

Fifth House currently carries the Fortnight Mira Slip and Fortnight Longline Bra and Panties.  

  • Kathleen Donovan
  • brandfortnight

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